FleetWave screenshot courtesy of Chevin.

FleetWave screenshot courtesy of Chevin.

Two major oil and gas companies have recently selected and implemented Chevin Fleet Solutions enterprise fleet management software, FleetWave.

Both FTS International and Penn West have recently rolled out Chevin's FleetWave web-based enterprise fleet management information system, which is used to manage more than 700,000 fleet vehicles around the world.

FTS International is a leading provider of well-completion services for the oil and gas industry such as pressure pumping, wire line and water management. Exploration and production companies use FTSI's products, services to enhance their recovery rates from oil and gas wells, primarily in unconventional plays. The company has more than 3,000 units across the country, consisting of work trucks, pumpers and light duty vehicles to support their customers.

Penn West is one of the largest conventional oil and natural gas producers in Canada. Based in Calgary, Alberta, the company operates significant recovery operations of light oil throughout the western part of Canada on a land encompassing nearly six million acres. Penn West operates a fleet of 1,900 tractors, pumpers, work and light trucks.