Chelsea Natural Gas Ltd. purchased 20 GE Oil & Gas CNG In A Box fueling systems as part of the Canadian energy company’s efforts to develop the country’s compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling infrastructure. This order marks the first entry of GE’s CNG fueling solution into Canada.

Chelsea Natural Gas specializes in expanding public use of natural gas as a transportation fuel as an abundant, reliable and cleaner-burning source of energy alternative to diesel or gasoline, according to GE. The company plans to use GE’s CNG fueling stations in a semi-private “card lock” format to address the need in Canada for shared fueling stations by smaller fleet owners, ensuring the conversion to compressed natural gas vehicles makes sense economically. The first units will be delivered in December 2013 to one of Chelsea Natural Gas’s new fueling stations scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.

This flagship order is a result of a broader GE Canada initiative to work collaboratively with industry leaders to help transportation companies integrate natural gas fueled vehicles in their fleet, according to GE. Combined with financing from GE Capital, customers can benefit from GE’s wealth of expertise and financing options in the transportation sector to help move toward a cleaner, economic fuel for their vehicles.

The project is GE’s first CNG In A Box system order in Canada and follows the recent order for the technology by China’s Endurance Industry.