NexTraq, a GPS fleet tracking and asset management company, announced the free availability of its mobile Time & Attendance module for the NexTraq Connect mobile app. The module gives employees in the field the ability to communicate time worked and ensures managers have the correct hours worked for accurate labor costs.

Employees no longer have to waste time and fuel by driving into the office every day to clock in and out, increasing worker productivity. Additionally, powerful reports give better insight and help manage hours worked and control costs. The mobile Time & Attendance module eliminates the headache of manual time cards and streamlines the payroll process as managers can see all hours worked in one system.

The free module is available to all NexTraq customers and works on any Apple or Android device. NexTraq Connect can be downloaded at the iTunes store and Google Play. Additionally, the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution has multiple attendance and work history reports to verify payroll information.

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq, said, “With an increase in workforce mobilization, technology advances have enables companies to take advantage of decreased costs and improve productivity. At NexTraq, it’s important that we provide industry first applications to ensure our customers have a competitive advantage in the crowded service and distribution marketplace.”

NexTraq Connect also offers vehicle information and dispatching functionality. For more information about the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution and NexTraq Connect, please visit: or call (800) 358.6178.