Johnson Controls’ operations in China, called Johnson Controls Automotive Experience, plans to increase its number of production locations in China from 57 to 68 over the next few years. Due to strategic partnerships with Chinese partners, Johnson Controls Automotive Experience stated it is positioned in the growth market of China, recording sales of approximately US $4.6 billion in 2012 and employing nearly 25,000 people (including joint ventures) in the country.

"We are focusing on innovative complete interior solutions in China that anticipate market needs and meet customer expectations in terms of differentiation, comfort, safety, and sustainability," said Johannes Roters, group vice president and general manager China, Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. "This will enable us to help our customers increase their market share in China and achieve economic success. Out of all international suppliers, our company has the strongest presence in China and has a comprehensive product portfolio with vertical integration and efficient processes. In addition, we are the industry leader in industrial design and development."