U.S. retail gasoline prices rose half a cent in the week ended June 3, but remained well below last year's levels, the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration said Monday. Average diesel prices, which are also well below their levels a year ago, fell on the week. The national average retail price of regular gasoline rose 0.5 cent to $1.392 a gallon, 28.7 cents below its level a year ago. The U.S. average price of diesel, meanwhile, fell 0.8 cent to $1.300 a gallon, 21.4 cents below last year's price. Gasoline prices rose most in the Midwest, climbing 2.0 cents to $1.398 a gallon. Prices on the West Coast rose 0.7 cent to $1.512 a gallon. Elsewhere, prices fell. Gulf Coast gasoline fell 0.4 cent to $1.314 a gallon, East Coast prices fell 0.7 cent to $1.358, Rocky Mountain prices fell 0.5 cent to $1.384. Diesel prices fell by 1.0 cent to $1.263 a gallon on the Gulf Coast, by 0.9 cent to $1.283 in the Midwest, by 0.8 cent to $1.383 on the West Coast, by 0.7 cent to $1.346 in the Rockies and by 0.7 cent to $1.305 on the East Coast.