WEX Inc., in collaboration with IHS Inc., has released its Construction Fuel Consumption Index (FCI) for the month of June 2013. The June FCI shows an increase of 2.5 percent in June 2013 when compared with June of 2012. The FCI measures national fuel consumption statistics for the construction industry.

Although the FCI increased 2.5 percent in June 2013 compared to June 2012, the FCI dropped when comparing May 2013 to June 2013. In June 2013, the FCI fell 0.5 percent compared to May 2013. WEX said that although the FCI decreased in June compared to May, the housing market is showing signs of improvement, and new home sales increased by 2.1 percent in May to a 476,000-unit annual rate. The total employment report for the month was positive, according to WEX, with an increase of 195,000 jobs. The construction industry gained 13,000 jobs, better than expected, according to WEX.