TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. will highlight its most advanced active, passive and integrated safety technologies at this year's Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) International Motorshow in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Among the full suite of technologies to be displayed are driver assist systems including TRW's next-generation S-CAM 3 video camera and AC1000 radar; intelligent controllers such as TRW's safety domain ECU that can integrate multiple chassis and driver assist functions; actuators including integrated brake control and electrically powered steering; and adaptive occupant safety technologies and improved rear seat safety solutions.

Peter Lake, executive vice president of sales and business development for TRW Automotive, explained: "The automotive industry is entering a period of immense change as the market aims to significantly reduce the number of road-related fatalities this decade and beyond. While advanced safety technologies have been offered on luxury vehicles for several years, their fitment is now being spurred across multiple vehicle segments by a combination of regulatory mandates, New Car Assessment Program ratings, insurance incentives and consumer demand.

"Technologies in production today are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In addition to warning drivers, they are now actively intervening in critical situations and helping to prevent or mitigate accidents. We have a technology roadmap to support the move towards semi-automated driving: from warning, through assist and up to auto-pilot style driving, with the driver in the loop and the systems able to take control of the vehicle in certain conditions."

TRW will highlight a number of new safety technologies:

  • Next-generation S-CAM 3 video camera with six times the processing power of the current S-CAM camera to provide higher performance and a number of advanced new functions
  • TRW's AC1000 next-generation radar family that will be suitable for front, rear and side sensing applications and will also be able to detect pedestrians
  • Next-generation Safety Domain ECU to gather, process and act on the increasing levels of data created for high-level safety functions
  • Rear seat passive safety technologies.

Lake concluded: "TRW has been developing the relevant technologies for many years in anticipation of this changing landscape and is well poised for the mass market adoption of advanced safety systems over the next several years. Work continues to ensure that our systems are affordable for all vehicle segments and in all markets -- so that everyone may benefit."

The company's exhibit at the Frankfurt IAA show in September will bring TRW's capabilities to life through high-tech presentations, demonstrations and simulations. The stand can be found at booth F20 in Hall 8.