Anything that reduces traffic accidents for everyone that uses the road is a good thing. That’s the main goal of the new safe driving features being offered by Fleetistics, a Florida-based fleet management company utilizing GPS tracking.

GPS tracking systems are now employed by an increasing number of companies to make their fleets more efficient and, in turn, more profitable. As long as the tracking data is detailed enough, anyone with access to it could potentially see when a driver was speeding, and advise them to drive at a more reasonable speed. With today’s GPS tracking systems, the sheer amount of data they provide can make sifting through all of that data a daunting task for a team of people, much less one fleet manager.

With the release of the new Driver Scoring System, Fleetistics is making it much easier to pinpoint problem drivers. Instead of having to dig through data and maps to figure out who was speeding and when, fleet managers can rely on driver scoring that compiles all of this data into an easy-to-read report. Managers can now see a list of their drivers ranked by performances, making high-risk drivers easy to identify.

A tool that identifies bad driving habits is great. But even at its best, this is a reactive measure, meaning the incident (harsh driving, accident, etc.) has already occurred. In an ideal world, there would be a proactive approach that would help prevent the incident from happening in the first place.

This leads to the second part of Fleetistics’ new safe driving solution: Driver Safety Training. Confronting employees about their driving habits can be helpful if it prevents them from repeating those habits. Being proactive about safe driving is often a better approach since it can prevent the behavior from ever happening in the first place. This is the aim of the driver education program being offered by Fleetistics. 

Powered by "I Drive Safely," the leader in online driver education, course offerings include "Distracted Driving," "Safe Winter Driving," "Aggressive Driving," and others.

"Confronting drivers about their risky driving is fine," said Eron Iler, president of Fleetistics, "But having educational resources available to show drivers why their driving is so dangerous and how they can improve is good for everyone inside and outside the company, and also shows that your business is genuinely concerned about safe driving." 

Costly traffic accidents are an unfortunate part of driving and will never be completely eliminated. However, knowledge is power, and educating drivers about the benefits of safe driving significantly reduces the chances of risky driving and costly accidents.

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