Ford has started production of its Focus Electric in Saarlouis, Germany. The company said the vehicle was developed as a “One Ford” global vehicle. It features an electric motor and lithium-ion battery that can produce 143 PS and allows the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 136 km/h.

The Focus Electric has a new user interface the automaker is calling “SmartGauge.” This interface calculates and displays the vehicle’s range based on its remaining energy level, how the driver operates the vehicle, including braking and acceleration, and the use of different vehicle systems, such as climate control. The Focus Electric uses regenerative braking to capture energy lost during the braking process, and a feature on the vehicle called “Brake Coach” encourages the driver to brake gradually to make effective use of the vehicle’s regenerative braking capabilities.

The automaker said it has invested €16 million In order to integrate Focus Electric production into the existing Focus production line at the Saarlouis plant.