DriveCam, Inc., a global driver risk management company, announced that TXI will deploy the DriveCam solution across its entire fleet of ready-mix concrete trucks, and aggregate hauling and cement hauling vehicles. The launch comes after TXI tested DriveCam in its fleet and experienced a dramatic reduction in claims.

"We used DriveCam for about six months and experienced a major reduction in claims compared to last year, as well as a reduction in total costs," said Jamie Rogers, TXI’s VP and COO. "Managing fraudulent claims was a challenging and expensive prospect, but now with DriveCam’s protection, TXI has realized substantial improvement in this area as well."

"DriveCam is an example of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, which allows us to offer mixer operators and their coaches solid data to facilitate a positive coaching experience," stated Tom Zais, Vice President-Concrete for TXI. "The relationship between our operators and fleet managers is stronger than ever before, which has led to improved driver safety, increased productivity and significant claims reductions."

"TXI has been a valued DriveCam customer for five years and we congratulate them on their commitment to safety," said Brandon Nixon, DriveCam Chairman and CEO. "As with most companies in the construction industry, TXI experienced challenges during the economic downturn. Now, we’re both benefitting from a fleet-wide DriveCam roll-out at TXI."

The DriveCam program addresses safety by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching, resulting in significant reductions in collision costs and fuel consumption. DriveCam’s solution uses its Driver Science Engine®, which utilizes the company’s patented, iterative process of scoring, prioritizing and tracking the results of driving behaviors. This model identifies behavioral improvement opportunities for increased safety.

Fleets manage the DriveCam Program through DriveCam Online, a Web-based online portal. Seamlessly integrated into DriveCam’s DC3 video event recorder and the DriveCam Online reporting solution, DriveCam’s Fuel Management Solution combines real-time, in-cab feedback with online reporting and coaching to improve fuel efficiency – by up to 12 percent – and lower emissions. Unlike other vehicle-centric fuel solutions, DriveCam’s solution focuses on the driver – specifically on the three driving behaviors that have the greatest impact on fuel efficiency: efficient or “smooth” driving, idling and speeding.