NexTraq, a leading GPS fleet and asset tracking company, announced the latest addition to its driver safety solution, Online Driver Education Courses. NexTraq’s Online Driver Education Courses, powered by I DRIVE SAFELY, enable businesses to develop a comprehensive strategy to address driver education and driver safety issues.

As part of NexTraq’s driver safety solution, the Online Driver Education Courses consist of a wide range of self-paced, online courses that concentrate on a variety of driving behaviors, including aggressive and distracted driving. These driver education courses provide safety managers and business owners with a way to constructively engage and coach their drivers to be safer behind the wheel.

By addressing these driving behaviors proactively, fleet owners and fleet safety managers can reduce driving incidents while demonstrating the value of driver and fleet safety. Rick Hernandez, Managing Director of I DRIVE SAFELY, says, “Ultimately, by promoting responsible driving among their drivers and fleet, businesses can reduce insurance costs as well as cut down on potential collision and legal expenses.”

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq, says, “With the amount of driving incidents occurring today, businesses now, more than ever, need to take a preventative approach to driver safety. NexTraq’s Online Driver Education Courses are an outlet for businesses to help encourage responsible driving and ensure that their fleets are operating at the safest level possible.”

To learn more about NexTraq’s complete driver safety solution—NexTraq DriveGuard, the Driver Safety Scorecard Report and the new Online Driver Education Courses—visit, or call 800.358.6178.