Coca-Cola Hellenic in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary has officially started installations of Mobileye in its fleets. According to Mobileye, Coca-Cola Hellenic is planning to install the telematics system in over 1,000 vehicles in these three countries alone, throughout 2013. The beverage company also plans to install more than 13,000 systems throughout the rest of its European within the next two years.

Each Coca Cola Hellenic vehicle outfitted with Mobileye will be labeled with a Mobileye sticker. Each Mobileye system will be integrated with a fleet management system (FMS), which offers full driving behavioral reporting to fleet managers. Based on established research, Coca-Cola Hellenic hopes to reach direct savings of over 1.5 million euro in its whole European fleet annually and decrease its accidents rate significantly to meet one of the major goals of its health and safety policy, according to Mobileye.