Oil producer Engen has taken its Wellness Campaign throughout South Africa to educate truck drivers about the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle on the country's roads, according to SABCnews.co.za.

The recent focus has been KwaZulu-Natal truck stops where drivers get an opportunity to go for free voluntary screening in mobile clinics by qualified nurses and counselors for various ailments, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.

According to the SABC News report, company representative in KwaZulu-Natal Nosiphiwo Ligwa said this has been done to meet the drivers halfway as they cannot afford to go to local clinics.

"The health challenges that are faced by the drivers are really issues around the diabetes, their blood pressures, and some of them have [high] cholesterol. And we understand the impact of HIV/AIDS. The truck drivers are also faced with issue of prostate and lung cancer and we also love to educate just to add on that the issue of medical male circumcision that we would to educate the drivers and the importance thereof," Ligwa said.