Donlen, the fleet industry's most comprehensive provider of integrated financing and asset management solutions, announced an emergency fuel program designed to assist customers who provide life supportive services to people and communities. 

“Donlen has many customers that provide vital emergency and life-saving services and supplies,” said Kathy Quinn, manager of fleet fuel programs at Donlen. “They can’t afford to be down due to lack of fuel during a natural disaster such as a hurricane. Having a fuel program partner who can provide critical fuel deliveries can mean the difference between an active fleet and a fleet that is stalled until conditions normalize.”

There are two options available with this program. Mobile on-site fueling delivers fuel directly to vehicles in a designated location from a mobile tank truck, and bulk fuel delivery, where a mobile vendor delivers fuel to a mobile or fixed tank.

Once customers sign up for the program, Comdata develops an appropriate fuel program, facilitates all fuel vendor communications, monitors the hurricane situation, and ensures deliveries are made whenever possible given area conditions. They remain in constant communication with the Donlen customer and fuel vendor to identify emergency needs.

Donlen partners with Comdata to provide their customers with the Donlen Fleet MasterCard® Card and comprehensive fuel program. Comdata is a leading business-to-business provider of electronic payment solutions. They capture and report detailed transaction data, giving customers unprecedented control over their expenses.

For more information on our fuel program, please contact Kathy Quinn at 847-412-5273.