Mobileye, a provider of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), announced that it will be participating in a driver behavior study run by the Transport and Road Safety Group (TARS) at Australia’s University of New South Wales.

The TARS Group of the University of New South Wales has commenced work on an integrated facility for the implementation of Australia’s first large-scale Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS). The NDS team will be utilizing Mobileye’s technology in approximately 400 cars in Australian cities, integrated with data acquisition systems, to continuously record data on driver behavior in normal and safety-critical situations. This data will serve planners and policymakers in the ongoing effort to reduce death and injury on Australia’s roads, according to Mobileye.

Additional partners in the study include the NSW Centre for Road Safety (which already utilizes Mobileye’s solution in the evaluation of driver behavior), the Victoria Transport Accident Commission, the Office of Road Safety from Main Roads Western Australia, and the South Australia Motor Accidents Commission. According to TARS, the integrated facility will underpin all future road safety research and become an essential pillar for the entire Australian road safety research community and regulatory authorities.

Mobileye’s technology is available throughout Australia to both commercial fleets and private aftermarket customers. Mobileye also serves a variety of Australian governmental and NGO bodies in the evaluation and improvement of driver behavior.

The Mobileye solution uses monocular vision technology, including object (pedestrian and vehicle) detection, lane detection, traffic signs recognition, and high/low beams control. These technologies are powered by Mobileye’s System-on-Chip – (EyeQ) and provide a multitude of applications running in parallel. Some features of the solution include lane detection technology, lane-keeping and traffic-jam assist, forward-collision-warning, as well as collision mitigation by brake, according to the company.