Digital Ally, Inc. (Nasdaq: DGLY), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial applications, announced that it has received the largest order to date for its DVM-250Plus Video Event Recorders.

The largest near-airport parking company in the United States (“the Customer”) with 34 locations at 22 airports, has issued a purchase order for 259 DVM-250Plus video event recorders. This order and installation will complete the outfitting of the Customer’s fleet of 344 shuttle buses. The Customer’s shuttle buses pick up and drop off guests at their vehicles or valet lobbies and run continuously to and from airport terminals. Approximately 85 of the total 344 DVM-250Plus systems have been previously delivered to the Customer and installed in shuttle buses.

“This represents our largest single non-law-enforcement sale to date and is considered a major breakthrough in airport ground transportation, one of the key industries we have targeted,” stated John Rumage, Director of Commercial Sales at Digital Ally, Inc. “Our Customer conducted an extensive search and review of self-contained video event recorders that do not require recurring monthly management fees. After evaluating commercial event recorders available from a number of companies, our Customer selected Digital Ally’s DVM-250Plus to enhance the safety and functionality of its shuttle bus fleet at airports throughout the United States.”

The DVM-250Plus is supported by Digital Ally’s VuVault software, which is designed specifically to increase safety in commercial fleet vehicles. After thorough testing at its Dallas - Ft. Worth (DFW) location, our Customer cited the versatility and comprehensive nature of VuVault software as a major reason for selecting Digital Ally as the exclusive supplier of event recorders for its bus fleet. Multi-camera functionality will allow our Customer to capture video from four cameras – road facing, driver facing, reverse and when the side doors of a bus are in operation.

“We expect to ship the remaining 259 DVM-250Plus units to our Customer’s locations throughout the United States before March 31st,” continued Rumage. “Digital Ally will also serve as our Customer’s exclusive partner to supply video event recorders to its entire shuttle bus fleet. The two companies have agreed to collaborate on several projects in order to provide additional solutions that can meet our Customer’s specific needs, including projects that can enhance vehicle fleet management, customer convenience and usage of our Customer’s services.”

“Our initial success of the DVM-250 series of commercial event recorders was in the ambulance market, and we are very pleased to announce Digital Ally’s entry into the airport ground transportation market with the leader in that industry,” added Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally, Inc. “We continue to pursue our goal of broadening our commercial sales channels to address additional market opportunities, including taxis and limousines, over-the-road trucks, and other vehicle fleet operators.”