More than a quarter of European business drivers surveyed spend at least four hours a month recording and submitting mileage reports, according to a research report from TomTom Business Solutions.

According to research conducted by TomTom across Germany, France, Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands, 28 percent of drivers lose more than four hours a month, with 9 percent spending in excess of eight hours on the reporting process.

Paper proved the most popular format for keeping accurate mileage records, used by 49 percent of respondents. A further 21 percent of drivers record and submit records via their computer and 26 percent use a mobile device.

In addition, more than half of drivers (55 percent) have to reproduce mileage records into another format or computer system when they get back to their office.

The study, conducted among company drivers not using an automated mileage recording system, also found that more than a third (36 percent) submit inaccurate mileage when claiming expenses, with 29 percent doing it regularly.

The research was conducted by TomTom among business drivers from operational (e.g., delivery fleets) and non-operational fleets (e.g., sales fleets) in five countries across Europe.