The organizers of the LA Auto Show are launching a new automotive event in conjunction with the LA Auto Show called the Connected Car Expo (CCE). This event will cover the latest infotainment, vehicle connectivity, and advanced safety technologies in new vehicles. The CCE will feature a one-day conference and a three-day expo designed for automotive and technology companies that will be held alongside the LA Auto Show, Nov. 19-21, 2013.

Topics to be discussed at the event include the following:

  • It's Money that Matters – Who is Going to Pay to Get the Car Connected?
  • Infotainment Standard Time – One-for-All or Every Manufacturer for Themselves?
  • Driving Away from Distraction – Innovative Automotive Research to Keep Eyes on the Road and Hands on the Wheel
  • Technology Takes the Wheel – Our Autonomous Car Future

Other events planned during the conference include tours of driver assistance safety systems and a ride and drive. The driver assistance technology tours will give attendees a look at automakers’ current and future platforms, for example those that are using cameras and sensors in order to better protect vehicle occupants. The ride and drive will give attendees the opportunity to drive vehicles equipped with the latest connected car technologies, including infotainment and safety systems.

You can find out more about the Connected Car Expo here.