Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) announced it has launched a new Driver Awareness Program designed to improve fleet drivers’ attentiveness and focus on the driving task in order to reduce crashes.

“This new course responds to the costly consequences that result when drivers operate their vehicles on autopilot and have little awareness of their surroundings, whether intentionally or not,” said Phil Moser, vice president of ADTS.

The half-day Driver Awareness Program combines one hour of classroom instruction with three hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and is delivered for a maximum of three drivers at a time, allowing for a more personalized learning experience.

The behind-the-wheel portion uses a narrative driving approach, in which the driver narrates what he or she observes as a means to improve awareness of the surroundings. Instructors coach the drivers in real time as they operate the vehicle on different types of roads and in different traffic patterns, focusing on key concepts such as proper scanning techniques, escape routes and spatial awareness on the road.

“By receiving on-the-spot situational coaching, drivers will immediately begin to increase their awareness and apply their newfound skills and knowledge to the driving task,” Moser said.

The Driver Awareness Program is taught by ADTS’ highly experienced driver safety instructors, all of whom are current or former police officers with extensive backgrounds in traffic safety management. The company’s network of instructors also includes certified motor vehicle crash investigators and re-constructionists.                 

For more information about the new Driver Awareness Program, visit or contact the company at 1-800-486-ADTS or

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