Terex South Dakota Inc. is recalling 261 1999-2012 model-year XL4000 Digger Derrick utility trucks because of a safety issue related to the hydraulic cylinder, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported.

The shims and spacers used to adjust the length of the hydraulic cylinder may give, causing the rod eye and threads to fatigue while lifting loads. As a result, the hydraulic cylinder may separate from the digger derrick arm, allowing a collapse without warning. This poses a safety risk to the operator and anyone nearby, NHTSA said.

To resolve the problem, Terex dealers will inspect and replace the rod eye and threads, as necessary. The existing shims and spacer will be replaced with a hardened spacer. There will be no charge for these repairs.

In a separate action, Terex is also recalling 21 2012 model-year utility trucks with SCM Aerial Devices. The lifting device’s leveling arm may flex at the elbow and contact the boom structure. This may cause the leveling arm to break. If the leveling arm fails, the platform could tilt and the occupants may fall from the platform, NHTSA said.

To remedy this problem, Terex dealers will replace the leveling arm, free of charge.

Terex can be reached at 1-605-882-4000.