The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) announced that it has added an online lesson to its DriverCare product line that teaches drivers how to prevent causing and suffering rear-end collisions.

Entitled, “Avoiding Rear-End Collisions: What You Can do,” the 10-minute lesson focuses on techniques that prevent the most common type of accident on North American roadways. Among the techniques it highlights are:

• Looking far down the road to avoid sudden stops.
• Maintaining a safe following distance at all times.
• Using your four-way emergency flashers when suddenly approaching a traffic jam to alert other drivers.
• Watching your rear-view mirror for fast on-coming traffic.
• Leaving enough room to the next car ahead when stuck in traffic for an escape route.
• Allowing tailgaters to pass.

The lesson is the second one on the topic in the DriverCare library of more than 30 online driver safety lessons. The new lesson includes a final exam and a downloadable certificate of completion.