Schindler Elevator Corp. plans to replace 500 sedans in its North American vehicle fleet with Toyota Prius Two hybrid models. The Prius Two is base model version of the standard Prius sedan.

The company said it expects that replacing its existing sedans with these hybrids will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% (comparing the sedans to the Prius Two). Schindler plans to replace these models over the next three to four years.

The company said it replaced its 2,000-vehicle-plus non-sedan fleet in 2010 with the Chevrolet HHR, which has saved an average of 2,358 gallons of gasoline per year and has reduced fleet greenhouse gas emissions by 34%.

“Schindler’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in all that we do, including: the ‘greening’ of our North American headquarters building, our sustainable ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, the environmentally friendly vehicles we use, and the energy-efficient technology we provide,” said Jakob Zueger, CEO, Schindler Americas. “We are dedicated to continual improvement to limit environmental impact.”