Wright Express will roll out its WEXOnline Internet fleet management offering to all current and prospective car, van, and truck fleet customers. Through its fleet fueling card program, Wright Express captures and provides customers with point-of-sale data including odometer readings, purchase data, and driver identification details. With WEXOnline, Wright Express customers will be able to track transactions, as they are processed, in order to:  View, update, and analyze account information in real time, including the ability to add and ter-minate drivers and fuel cards.  Pose detailed queries for exceptions, summaries, or transaction details.  Download data to other reporting programs and spreadsheets. Additional features allow users to query accounts to determine which cards or drivers are active, and to search for fuel merchant locations that accept the Wright Express card. Querying allows customers to run ad-hoc queries on transactions, vehicles, drivers, and merchant sites by designating specific parameters and sort options.