Waabi is an autonoumous vehicle startup partnering with MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. - Photo: Waabi/Fleet Forward

Waabi is an autonoumous vehicle startup partnering with MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics.

Photo: Waabi/Fleet Forward

Waabi is partnering with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL), becoming the first AV company to join the center’s Supply Chain Exchange, a group of companies seeking to advance their supply chains through research at MIT CTL.

The partnership represents a turning point for autonomous trucking’s role in the most important conversations shaping supply chains.

Teaming up with MIT CTL will also enable us to work alongside an elite group of thought leaders powering supply chain transformation, including: leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers, transportation resources, carriers, 3PL providers, and logistics service providers to jointly build a roadmap for the future of logistics. 

Advancing Autonomous Vehicles in the Field of Logistics

For half a century, MIT CTL has been researching and education in supply chain management, igniting innovation in freight transportation, and translating concepts into practical solutions for the industry's most pressing challenges.

These challenges encompass a persistent labor shortage, inefficient truck routes, the issue of "empty miles," driver well-being, and overall road safety.

Within the MIT CTL ecosystem, the Supply Chain Exchange convenes the foremost industry experts and stakeholders, continuously propelling the forefront of freight innovation.

With the introduction of Waabi, a frontrunner in autonomous trucks and cutting-edge AI, a crucial AV perspective will be integrated into forthcoming endeavors.

This alliance not only positions our team at the forefront of emerging industry innovations but also has the potential to revolutionize how supply chains operate.

Forging a Path for the Future of Supply Chains

This collaboration with MIT CTL will foster cooperation across various touchpoints in the supply chain, to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and safety in freight transportation.

Waabi stated its key focus areas encompass labor, road safety, insurance, network optimization, and supply chain efficiency.

Their partnership commences with research initiatives centered around network optimization opportunities enabled by autonomous trucks and a comprehensive examination of the future logistics infrastructure, specifically the infrastructure necessary for the widespread deployment of autonomous assets.


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