Photo Courtesy of PAVE

Photo Courtesy of PAVE

As it stands today, Fleet Managers and fleet owners need innovative technology solutions to streamline their vehicle acquisition, disposal, monitoring, and maintenance processes. Today, it is difficult for fleet managers to instantly receive a comprehensive condition report for their vehicles, including estimates for repair of each damage line item, no matter where the vehicle is located. This inability leads to difficulties in maintaining an understanding of each fleet vehicle’s comprehensive condition from a distance and leads to reactive problem-solving when an issue with the vehicle inevitably occurs.

The good news is that a solution to these problems has arrived in the form of Automated Condition Reports. With only a smartphone and no app to download, PAVE ensures you can receive condition clarity and comprehensiveness for all vehicles in your fleet at any point in time. This process is supported by advanced AI and machine learning, and the resulting condition reports are available within minutes. By eliminating the need for traditional inspections, PAVE offers tangible cost-saving advantages to fleets of all types.


Photo Courtesy of PAVE

Photo Courtesy of PAVE

See below for examples of how varying fleet types and operations have found success using automated condition reports.

Pooled Driver Fleets

For fleets that do not consistently assign the same vehicles to a specific driver, but rather are part of a pool of vehicles that may be driven by a different driver each day or week, automated condition reports can help assist with damage liabilities. Whether it’s daily service vehicles, work trucks, or last-mile delivery vehicles, tracking each vehicle's condition and who was driving at the time is challenging. PAVE addresses this issue by providing an easy and standardized way to assess vehicle condition and the cost to repair each time a vehicle changes drivers. Fleet managers can leverage PAVE to enhance driver accountability and provide instant feedback on new damages identified during each inspection. Additionally, the PAVE Condition Report can be tailored to each fleet's specific chargeable damage requirements.

Remote Fleets

Fleet vehicles that are spread out across the country and assigned to a single driver pose unique monitoring challenges and tend to force a more reactive approach to managing fleet conditions. Automated Condition Reports, with PAVE, offer a solution to this challenge by enabling drivers to perform periodic ‘inspection check-ins,’ ensuring there is a documented condition report and that the vehicle adheres to roadworthiness and brand standards. The fleet manager receives a documented condition report, and the driver has piece of mind that the vehicle is safe to operate, or if not, it can be taken out of service for repair. Fleet managers gain valuable insights through this remote vehicle condition monitoring capability, enabling them to schedule repairs, change tires, and provide further diagnostic maintenance if required. A key benefit to this remote condition monitoring approach is the ability to receive a guaranteed buy on the vehicle if the fleet manager decides to take the vehicle out of service.

Matthew Craig, who manages a large fleet of vehicles for Helios, describes how PAVE has helped him effectively retire vehicles efficiently and receive top dollar for the vehicles. “There are multiple applications for PAVE; however, what I am doing right now is using PAVE as a condition report,” said Helios Fleet Director Matthew Craig. “What PAVE has helped me to do is to be able to lay eyes on the vehicle and know that this vehicle is either poor, rough, or in excellent condition. Then I know which market I can go to and usually get at, or over fair market value - depending on the fees involved in transportation.”

Rental Fleets

The share of fleet vehicles in use as rental vehicles continues to grow. When a vehicle returns from a rental cycle, automated condition reports provide clarity and assurance of the vehicle's condition to both the rental company and the renter. By eliminating the need for reliance on self-reporting from renters, or for rental company staff to have to perform a skilled inspection, PAVE enables thorough damage documentation and an audit trail via our detailed condition reports without the costs and delays associated with dispatching in-person inspectors.

Automated Condition Reports have advanced inefficient and costly processes associated with traditional vehicle inspections. There is no longer the need to wait on a skilled inspector to find out the current condition and cost to repair vehicles in your fleet. In addition, low-cost point-in-time monitoring of your vehicle fleet allows for proactive management of condition issues, enhanced driver safety, and overall compliance with roadworthiness standards.

PAVE is incredibly easy to try out, so if you want to see how automated condition reports work in action, click here to receive a text link to try it out today!