50% of respondents are considering replacing human-driven company vehicles with AI self-driving vehicles. - Photo: Canva

50% of respondents are considering replacing human-driven company vehicles with AI self-driving vehicles.

Photo: Canva

New survey data from business technology authority Tech.co revealed that 67% of business leaders trust AI to drive their company vehicles. 

In addition, half of business leaders (50%) are even considering replacing their current human-driven company vehicles with AI-powered self-driving vehicles. 

High Interest in AI-Enhanced Efficiency Through Self-Driving Company Cars

Subtle integration of AI technology is already underway to enhance business transportation, with the best route planning software relying on AI for efficient routing.

However, the full utilization of artificial intelligence in U.S. commercial vehicles is still pending and faces legal hurdles.

Yet, according to Tech.co's recent data, most surveyed business managers express a strong inclination to adopt self-driving company vehicles, primarily driven by their efficiency-enhancing advantages.

Seventy percent of respondents believe that AI-powered self-driving company vehicles could perform business transportation tasks more efficiently than human drivers.

The appeal lies in the fact that an artificial intelligence system guiding a vehicle can circumvent challenges faced by human drivers, such as low visibility during nighttime driving or the mandatory rest periods required by law.

Survey Indicates Openness to Self-Driving Fleets

The future of company vehicles seems to accelerate towards AI integration, as indicated by 73% of respondents who foresee a growing popularity of self-driving company vehicles in the next five years.

Tech.co's Fleet Expert, Adam Rowe, comments on this trend, noting that despite challenges like supply chain disruptions, commercial fleets in the United States are increasingly open to investing in self-driving vehicles. However, a crucial question remains: Can AI advancements keep pace to ensure the full safety of self-driving trucks on public roads across America in the coming years?

Regardless of AI's enhanced efficiency, safety concerns remain paramount. Eighty-three percent of business leaders surveyed by Tech.co emphasize the need for clear AI regulation governing AI-powered company vehicles.

Lawmakers are already taking steps to regulate self-driving commercial fleets on public roads, as demonstrated by a recent California bill requiring a human safety operator for each self-driving truck. Although this bill, effectively a nationwide ban on self-driving trucks, was vetoed by California Governor Gavin Newsom, the regulatory landscape is evolving.

While the arrival of full automation for company vehicles in the US is uncertain, Tech.co's survey underscores a clear development: if self-driving company vehicles enter the market, business leaders are poised to embrace the innovation with open checkbooks.

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