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Image Credit: Duallogic

Managing a fleet can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to controlling expenses. Fuel is one of the most significant expenses for most fleets, and fraudulent activity can make it even more costly. 

Fleets have been using the same payment and fuel card technology for decades — stuck with 5-10¢ rebates or discounts and left with few options to control their bottom line. From fuel fraud and theft, to lack of controls and real-time insights, outdated technology is costing fleets far in excess of what they get back from those simple rebates. Sadly, fleets have had to just accept this as “the cost of doing business.”

According to the Shell Fraud Matters report, 86% of fleet managers believe that some of their drivers engage in fuel fraud. Drivers may optimize fuel stops for convenience over cost, fail to take advantage of discount opportunities, or even steal fuel from the company outright. 

And such fraudulent activity can add up quickly, with fleet managers estimating that fraudulent card usage contributes up to 22¢ per gallon.

Fuel theft and fraud not only increase costs, but they can also result in a driver’s termination, which while is likely the smart move, can still set you and your team back significantly. In fact, according to the report, nearly three in four managers have had to fire a driver due to fuel fraud. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Modern technology and systems can help you cut down on fuel costs and prevent fraudulent activity. Take advantage of the tools and systems available to you and know that you aren’t spending any more than you should on fuel for your fleet.

Enable Telematics for Real-Time Monitoring

Modern fuel cards offer telematics integration, allowing you to monitor and block transactions that are not physically close to an associated fleet vehicle or those that exceed a vehicle's fuel capacity. 

Telematics can help you identify fuel theft and fraudulent activity in real time. For example, if you know that your truck only takes 50 gallons of fuel, and one of your drivers is putting in 65, you will receive a real-time alert, allowing you to deal with the situation immediately.

Pre-Set Restrictions to Prevent Fraudulent Activity

In addition to real-time monitoring, you can pre-set fueling restrictions to prevent fraudulent activity from happening in the first place. 

You can choose the days of the week and times of the day that your fuel cards can be used, set limits on how much fuel can be purchased at one time, and even ensure that your drivers prioritize cost over convenience when stopping to fuel. 

This can be done using a tool like AtoB’s optimal gas station selection program, which empowers managers to direct, monitor, and incentivize, where your drivers stop to fuel.

Get Control of Your Cards

Your drivers are authorized to use your fuel cards. But are you sure they are only using them on your vehicles? 

With card unlock programs, you can ensure that only authorized drivers can use your cards and only when they are in close proximity to your vehicle. This can help prevent fuel theft in its tracks and reduces the risk of fraudulent activity.

Take Advantage of Fuel Savings Programs

One of the best ways to save on fuel costs is to take advantage of fuel savings programs. 

Virtually every gas station and truck stop offers its own savings program. But there are also options on the market that allow for discounts across different gas stations and truck stops. By utilizing a program such as the AtoB Fuel Card, you can ensure you are getting the largest possible discounts wherever you and your team fuel along the way.

Stop Overpaying For Fuel

While theft and fraudulent activity can make fuel expenses even more costly for fleet managers, advanced technology and new systems can help you prevent fraudulent activity and cut down on fuel costs. 

AtoB has been working hard to help fleets save on fuel costs. And our cutting-edge technology and programs are making a real difference for the fleets we serve.

After serving thousands of fleets over millions of miles, we ran the numbers. We have helped save the companies we work with an average of 

  • 11¢ per gallon by cutting down on fraudulent card usage through our telematics program, 
  • 6¢ per gallon for managers who set restrictions, 
  • 5¢ per gallon for fleets that enable card unlock and 
  • 21¢ per gallon when companies take advantage of our optimal station selection and our unmatched discount network. 

That all adds up to 43¢ per gallon saved by fleets taking advantage of the AtoB Fuel Card and accompanying features.

By enabling telematics, pre-setting restrictions, getting control of your cards, and taking advantage of fuel savings programs, you too can ensure that your fleet is operating efficiently and cost-effectively, every day and every mile. 

Remember, cutting down on fuel costs not only saves you money, but also contributes to a more sustainable future for you and your entire team.