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Feels Like I’m in Logistics

In reply to the State of the Fleet Industry video report entitled “Most OEMs to Carry Over Fleet Allocation in MY-2024,” I feel the issue is a zero-sum game. Using your example, a Ford-dominant or -exclusive fleet won’t have the luxury to shop GM or Dodge as these manufacturers will already be oversubscribed with orders from their fleet buyers. Folks will simply have to stretch life cycles until this teeter-totter of supply and demand rationalizes. Not an ideal solution, but likely the reality for the next 18-24 months.

Adding to the unknown are world-wide geopolitical issues.

One quick but very unpleasant fix to having increased availability is a recession which will undoubtedly cause demand to drop, but there will be significant risk adversity and high borrowing costs.

Simple conclusion, we’re screwed in the short/medium term.

Let’s also not forget about the elephant in the (board)room: GREEDFLATION.

I truly hope buyers have long memories and remember those suppliers who bent them over with price increases and surcharges that outpaced the true rate of inflation.

The current working environment isn’t pleasant; most days I feel like I’m working in logistics and not sales.

Dan Federico, Sales Manager, Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc., Houston

Home EV Chargers

I liked the content in Episode 123 of the State of the Fleet Industry video series entitled “Home EV Chargers a New Asset Class Managed by Fleet Managers.” I particularly liked the idea of limiting liability and the idea that an installed charger becomes the property of the driver. That's a solid approach. I know leasing companies are reluctant to finance chargers into leases due to the ownership (and subsequent liability) issues.

Cameron Gurr, APAC and National Bid Manager, ORIX Australia Corporation Limited, Macquarie Park, Australia

Well Done!

Wow! I loved the State of the Fleet Industry video about insurance fraud and staged accidents, well done! I am going to ask eDriving if they have course on avoiding situations like this.

Jim Petrillo, Manager, Treasury Services & Fleet Management, FUJIFILM Holdings America Corp., Valhalla, N.Y.

Fleet Manager Burnout

For those in fleet management during those difficult periods, resilience played a big part; however, I believe that creativity plays a major role as well. Most fleet managers I know are highly creative when it comes to finding a way to get the job done, whether it be finding new suppliers or totally new ways to do things. It is like every defensive driving course recommends — always scan ahead. You have to scan ahead to stay ahead. “This is how we have always done it” just doesn’t get it done.

Jennifer Morgan, CAFM, Fleet Supervisor, Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Columbus, Ohio

Hard to Believe It is Accurate

After reading the news story entitled: “LegaIization of Marijuana Not Linked to Higher Collisions, Fatalities,” I find this information very difficult, at best, to believe as accurate. There is not a proven test, similar to a breathalyzer to determine alcohol usage for drivers impaired by marijuana usage, other than a blood test. Police officers cannot perform an on-the-spot blood test to check a driver's stability, therefore the police are severely handicapped, so the reporting will be tainted. In speaking with officers who have been called to an accident scene, they know many of the drivers are impaired, but cannot do anything about it. I wonder which company funded the study, and if there is anyone involved with the study who has ties to the industry?

Bob Martines, President/CEO, Corporate Claims Management, Ivyland, Pa.

Insightful Information

I watched the State of the Fleet Industry video report that provided a forecast of future commodity prices. I want to thank Mike Antich for always bringing valuable and insightful information to our community!

Corey Woinarowicz, Chief Revenue Officer, Nocell Technologies, LLC, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

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