Through the integrated platform, fleets will be able to manage their fleet, EV charging, and...

Through the integrated platform, fleets will be able to manage their fleet, EV charging, and energy usage in real time using MyGeotab.

Photo: Geotab

Geotab, a provider of IoT and connected transportation solutions, announced a partnership with EV charging solution provider Atom Power to deliver an electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure integration available through Geotab’s fleet management platform, MyGeotab. Fleet managers will now have access to fleet analytics and EV charging infrastructure to make their transition toward electrification simpler and more cost-effective.

The Atom Power plug-in, in collaboration with Geotab’s data intelligence, integrated into one dashboard, offers analytics around EV charging performance, as well as information on asset location, charging data, completion times, peak management, and time of use incorporation. 

With Geotab’s geofencing and EV alerting features combined with Atom Power EV charging infrastructure, fleet operators can manage their EV assets in real-time through the MyGeotab portal with an embedded Atom Power dashboard view. 

“Our partnership with Atom Power is the next step in Geotab’s continued commitment to support fleets throughout their electrification journey, whether they are fully electric, partial, or have yet to begin the transition,” said Eric Mallia, vice president, sustainability business solutions at Geotab in a statement. “Now, fleet managers can utilize data collection through their vehicles and EVSEs to improve overall operational performance including fleet scheduling, vehicle and station availability, EV and EVSE maintenance management, charging station status and utilization, and grid integrations, all with one streamlined solution.”

Atom Power’s EV charging platform is backed by patented, UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker technology. The digital circuit breaker innovation redefines the standard EVSE asset architecture, delivering more charging capacity, ensuring uptime, and reducing operational risks so that fleet managers are guaranteed business continuity. The platform also includes an integrated energy management system, allowing continuous monitoring, metering, and management of all charging infrastructure.

“Our innovation is enabling the most reliable and most efficient EV charging infrastructure on the market,” added Ryan Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of Atom Power. “As fleets build toward complete and total electrification, there needs to be an inherent trust that charging infrastructure always works. Together with Geotab, we’re ensuring fleet managers can be wholly confident in the entirety of their EV fleet ecosystem from end-to-end.”

Looking ahead, Geotab will continue to scale its EVSE integration ecosystem to provide customers with intelligent solutions that support the effective and efficient adoption and operationalization of electric vehicles into their fleets, using trusted data to inform their decisions.