U.S.-based TMP Logistics Group signed a framework agreement with Quantron for 500 Class 8...

U.S.-based TMP Logistics Group signed a framework agreement with Quantron for 500 Class 8 fuel-cell-electric vehicles, scheduled for  delivery by 2024.

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Quantron is setting up a business in North America to offer battery- and hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles and related solutions. And it already signed an agreement for up to 500 Class 8 trucks with fuel-cell-electric drive systems.

U.S.-based TMP Logistics Group signed a framework agreement with Quantron. The agreement calls for scheduled delivery of the Class 8 FCEVs by 2024. The company also intends to integrate its zero-emission vehicles from third-party suppliers into Quantron’s zero-emission platform it calls Quantro-as-a-Service.

"With our contribution of 500 heavy-duty FCEV trucks, we support the $8 billion hydrogen program funded by President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and are pleased to spearhead the effort to help businesses and communities across the country benefit from clean energy and hydrogen investments,” said Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG, in a press release.

Based on its partnership with the Canadian fuel cell company Ballard Power Systems, Quantron says it has the ambition to be one of the trailblazers in the hydrogen-based zero-emission long-range vehicle segment in the U.S.

By 2025, Quantron aims to generate around 50% of its turnover in the North American market, with a strong focus on hydrogen solutions for long range transport such as Class 8 trucks.

This move is the first expansion to the U.S. for Germany-based Quantron. The company says it plans to develop new commercial vehicle designs with battery-electric and fuel-cell-electric powertrains.

“In Europe, close to 100 vehicles converted by Quantron are already successfully in use. We see potential for the USA in the early years of a triple-digit volume annually,” Perschke.

Richard Haas will become president and CEO of Quantron US. Prior to joining Quantron, Haas was president and CEO of automotive start-up Mahindra Automotive North America, launching a new assembly plant in the Detroit area. Before that, he was director of engineering for the Tesla Model S and a veteran at Ford.

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