The core platform of the Ayro Vanish is expected to start around $25,000. - Photo: Ayro

The core platform of the Ayro Vanish is expected to start around $25,000.

Photo: Ayro

Ayro Inc. announced the release of the Ayro Vanish, the first low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) in the company’s new strategic product roadmap.

The Ayro Vanish is a utility LSEV with a lightweight architecture to limit vehicle weight and maximize payload capacity, according to the company's news release. The vehicle offers highly adaptable bed configurations to support both light-duty and heavy-duty needs while also limiting the vehicle’s impact on the environment.

In addition to designing a next-generation base vehicle, Ayro said it is developing a customized family of swappable payloads and embedded software operator aids.

In developing the Ayro Vanish, Ayro added that it has now filed and has pending two new design patents, multiple underlying seminal patents in sustainability, four U.S. Utility Patents, and two additional U.S. Utility Patent Applications in process.

“We designed the Ayro Vanish from the ground up,” said Tom Wittenschlaeger, CEO of Ayro. “From concept to production to implementation, we wanted to make sure every detail was considered. Also, the vehicle is primarily sourced from North America and Europe, with vehicle final assembly and integration in our Round Rock, Texas facility, thus eliminating concerns regarding rising costs of trans-Pacific shipping, shipping times, import duties and quality.” 

The Ayro Vanish will initially offer the following configurations:

  • Flat Bed, the core platform designed to support a multitude of applications.
  • Utility Bed (heavy and light-duty) with fold down pick up bed sides and tailgate.
  • Van Box with securable storage.
  • Food Box (powered and non-powered) with capability to serve hot and cold food and beverages on campuses, resorts, and event venues.

The Ayro Vanish vehicle specifications include:

  • LSV programmed up to 25 mph.
  • Maximum payload of 1,200 lbs. (LSV) and 1,800 lbs. (non-LSV), dependent on final vehicle configuration.
  • Estimated 50 miles or greater range based on a full charge.

The core platform of the Ayro Vanish is expected to start around $25,000.

“Our first test vehicles will roll out later this year,” said Scott Bruce, SVP of strategic business development and government affairs at Ayro. “We will also begin accepting pre-orders early next year followed by a ramp up to production in the first quarter of 2023.”

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