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Disaster Resource Group (DRG) is a logistics provider that provides custom, turnkey solutions to give clients the safest, most efficient path to rapid recovery and restorations. DRG provides alternative lodging, remote site power generation, base camp hygiene, catering services, and more.

DRG’s clients prioritize lightning-quick setup and high-quality services. Bill Logan, DRG’s Director of Logistics, says, “The whole thing is about getting customers’ lights back on.”

In an emergency, there’s no such thing as “too fast.” That’s why Bill and his team are always looking for ways to set up even more safely and faster. They contacted FleetUp because they were having problems overcoming two obstacles. First, managers had trouble finding mobile sleepers deployed in the field. Second, dispatching of assets was performed manually when assigning assets.

Picking up speed with geofences and FleetUp’s advanced map

When DRG added FleetUp to their operation, they could instantly retrieve the status of every asset on a single real-time map. With one glance, Bill and his team could see which assets were enroute and which were running late.

By keeping management informed, the entire team works faster, safer, and more efficiently. Bill said, “I like the map, but I can’t sit by the computer all day to see exactly when assets enter and exit base camps.” He creates geofences around camps and sets up automated alerts that go straight to his email. “I always know when every trailer arrives and leaves.”

Live ETA

Base camps have to accommodate anywhere from 500 to 1,000 employees or more; they have to include catering, tents, and more. Natural disasters make the setup process exponentially more difficult.

“After a storm, you never know what your base camp site will be like,” Bill said. Live ETA helps DRG’s on-site staff see exactly when each asset is scheduled to arrive, so they can decide what needs to be cleared first and what order jobs should be done in.

100% accurate invoices

When generating client invoices, DRG needed to know how many miles vehicles traveled. But in natural disasters, roads are closed and traffic is unpredictable. That made their invoicing process messy.

“During a normal job, assets go from point A to point B,” said Bill. “In disasters, assets might go from point A to point C, then finally wind up at point B. The challenge was to ensure our mileage counts were accurate.”

FleetUp’s automated reports gave DRG the data they needed. By clicking a button, management could see the specific routes that assets took to get to base camps.

Easy onboarding and responsive customer support

DRG wanted to track their assets immediately. No other tracking devices were as easy to install as FleetUp’s. Bill said. “Our guys were able to hardwire install the devices in 10 to 15 minutes.”

Bill was also was impressed by FleetUp’s support. “Customer service is very, very important,” he said. Every time DRG reached out, FleetUp responded within 30 minutes.

“I’d recommend FleetUp to any colleague,” said Bill. “It’s a good product.”