Toby Marshall, sales and marketing director of GWM ORA UK, said, "We're proud to be the official...

Toby Marshall, sales and marketing director of GWM ORA UK, said, "We're proud to be the official UK partner.”

Photo credit: GWM ORA UK

Chinese electric car brand GWM ORA is coming to the UK. It is partnering with established importer International Motors.

The first batch of vehicles - the ORA Funky Cat First Edition - have been loaded onto ships at Shanghai port with a late 2022 delivery date slated for new owners.

International Motors (IM) also imports Subaru and Isuzu vehicles in the UK, and runs the parts and service business for Mitsubishi Motors following its exit from the UK market. In the past it also imported the Great Wall Steed pick up, debuting in 2012 the first volume Chinese brand in the UK. The partnership will be run through IM subsidiary International Motors New Energy Vehicles (IM NEV).

Toby Marshall, sales and marketing director, GWM ORA UK, said, “We are proud to be the official UK partner for this exciting new pure electric car brand, GWM ORA. Already, we have had overwhelming interest in the ORA brand and there is no doubt that it will play a pivotal role in accelerating the UK’s transition to a more sustainable future.”

The company says it already has 8,000 registrations of interest in the new electric car, which will cost £31,995. It is expected to appeal to business and fleet drivers thanks to its 193-mile battery range and low taxation position.

Next year, the brand says it plans to introduce additional trim levels and a larger battery variant, while there is also potential for the introduction of additional ORA models into the UK market.               

Mr YaoFei, vice president of Great Wall Motor Europe, said: “GWM ORA is excited to be partnering with IM NEV to represent the brand in the UK, bringing true value to its customers. Their automotive expertise will play a crucial role as we develop both the GWM ORA brand and product portfolio and I look forward to seeing GWM ORA vehicles on UK roads very soon. This partnership will strengthen our ambitions to bring a fresh new approach to electric mobility.”

Earlier in August, Great Wall signed an agreement with Europe’s largest dealer group, Emil Frey, to distribute GWM products in Europe, including ORA and the upmarket Wey brand.

ORA Cat sales are due to commence in Germany during Q4.

Great Wall is one of the six largest automakers in China. In 2021, GWM sold 1.28 million units globally.