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Telematics solutions can provide you with a vast amount of data to support fleet optimization. This information empowers a variety of fleet decisions, including:

  • when to take a vehicle out of rotation for maintenance
  • where to improve route efficiencies
  • which drivers are more likely to be cause or be in an accident
  • how to reduce fuel costs
  • when to retire a vehicle


Understanding your fleet costs to identify savings

To identify potential opportunities can, business leaders with fleet oversight need to first have a complete visibility and understanding of their costs. The data points captured by telematics is a good starting point, but you also need to understand and interpret the data for it to make a meaningful impact to maximize every dollar to the fullest.  To have an efficiently run fleet, it is important to have real-time analytics of your data so you can gain insights into actual day-to-day operating expenses that factor into future planning and budgeting.


Enhancing fleet safety to protect drivers and the public

There are fewer things more important to an organization than safety. Monitoring key fleet safety metrics such as driving behavior, makes it easier to tackle safety issues in a proactive manner to prevent incidents. The right data will help you more effectively manage collisions and decrease the number and severity of future accidents.​Telematics solutions provide fleets with robust fleet safety tools, such as safety dashboard reports, driver scorecards driver training and advanced driver-assistance tools.

​Safety dashboards give managers a quick overview of driver safety trends including driver safety scores and driver risk profiles. Metrics such as speeding, incidents of harsh braking and sharp cornering, seat belt usage and after-hours vehicle use can all be monitored. With this information, a complete risk picture can be formulated, and clients can drill down into the scorecards of their most at-risk drivers to determine the best training options. In addition, real-time safety alerts can be set up for when violations occur and can receive system notifications of possible collisions as they occur.

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Geotab Inc.

To learn more on how Telematics can help you identify savings, increase fleet productivity, and enhance fleet safety, visit https://www.elementfleet.com/fleet-services/vehicle-telematics