These systems not only inform drivers of traffic conditions and charging locations, but helps build more efficient routing and increases safety. - Photo: mohamed Hassan/Pixabay

These systems not only inform drivers of traffic conditions and charging locations, but helps build more efficient routing and increases safety.

Automated vehicle technologies are no longer a distant reality. Companies like Tesla and Mercedes are planning to commercialize fully automatic or driverless vehicles. This, in turn, has given a rise to the demand for location intelligence applications, especially in passenger vehicles. Connected vehicle technology, along with advanced driver assistance systems, are paving the way for automation in the industry.

Constant updates of global positioning systems (GPS) and telematics are increasing the dependency on location intelligence systems. Traffic congestion in urban areas is actually positively influencing demand for such systems to get information about routes. Location intelligence system is a new-age technology that not only helps drivers have a safer experience, but also aids in making real-time decisions.

Electric vehicle manufacturers have shown a growing interest in integrating location intelligence systems. Developers have gone a step ahead and designed the system to display the availability of electric charging points.

Electric Vehicles: Paving the Way for Location Intelligence

International Energy Agency states that 6.6 million electric cars were sold in December 2021. This has led to the growing demand for electric charging points and increased need for a robust infrastructure. With charging points displayed on maps, drivers can plan a trip around this need.

In January 2022, VinFast announced that it will be deploying HERE Technologies’ navigation system to its first three smart electric cars. VinFast will be integrating HERE Technologies’ software development kit into its mobile application to offer a smart and seamless driving experience. The HERE navigation is specially designed for electric cars as it provides multi-stop route planning based on the charge level of the car.

The built in HERE EV charge point of interest and application programming interest provides quick information regarding EV charging points. Integrating this system has helped VinFast improve scalability and transparency as the system offers online and offline search and routing, active lane assistance, voice guidance, and traffic information.

Location Intelligence: Enhancing Road Safety

Under the European Union’s (EU) new general safety regulation, the EU has made Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) mandatory for new model passenger and commercial vehicles. According to Future Market Insights, automotive active safety systems are witnessing an increasing demand for road safety. Companies are launching maps that adhere to ISA rules and display accurate speed limits.

In January 2022, HERE Technologies deployed live HD maps in Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot automated driving system at Consumer Electronic Show 2022. Through the deployment of live HD maps, the company is focusing on offering a fully connected road safety experience. Mercedes received regulatory approval for the system on public roads in Germany.

The live HD map is a cloud-based application that enables automated vehicles to effectively “see around corners.” The application provides information on lane level data, road and intersection geometry, signage, and intersections.

What Does the Future Hold?

The rise in fuel prices will likely increase the dependability on ridesharing and alternative transportation services. This makes advanced location intelligence even more important for mobility services. Navigation, tracking of vehicles and locations, along with predicting traffic congestion, will become easier with location intelligence.

Globally, the rapid urbanization of developing countries will bolster the demand for location intelligence, too.

EVs will soon take the industry by storm, and manufacturers are constantly looking at how to automate experiences. Location intelligence systems will be key in this new future.

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