Automotive Fleet's Global Fleet Conference is where the Global Fleet Community Connects!

Automotive Fleet's Global Fleet Conference is where the Global Fleet Community Connects!

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The ability to bump elbows with international fleet professionals is reason alone to attend the 2022 Global Fleet Conference. With thousands of attendees and hundreds of domestic and international sponsors, vendors, and friends, the Global Fleet Conference is the No. 1 annual destination for the informed fleet manager, shrewd fleet data analyst, and aspiring small business to maximize efficiency, processes, and skills. Designed to forge new alliances and inspire old friendships, the networking opportunities at the Global Fleet Conference are not to be missed. Plus, it’s in Florida! Enjoy the salty ocean breeze of the Sunshine State and nearby deals and shopping for fleet attendees and friends.


Real-time Learning, Long-term Success

The Global Fleet Conference keynotes, seminars, and conference events are geared specifically for the contemporary fleet and the people, stakeholders, technology, and implementations behind them. If you have questions about tomorrow’s fleet world, the Global Fleet Conference is where they’ll be answered by content specifically engineered to address today’s supply chain, 5G, wireless, fuel cost problems (and more!).


Results-oriented Seminars

From the new LatAm Congress to long-established leaders in domestic and international fleet, breakout sessions are geared toward numbers, data, and quantifiable paths to success. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it, and our leaders will help parse the innumerable data collection and telematics options available on the market. From hardware to software to digital, desktop, and more, the emergence of 5G is poised to upend the market – are you ready to take advantage?


The Latest Technology, Products, and Vehicles

Fact: most vehicular technology is derived from the racetrack through a process called homologation. From F1 to fleet, the manufacturer technology found in your vehicles is merely the tipping point for what’s actually possible given the vast array of add-ons, doodads, gizmos, and whatchmacallits available for every business, vehicle, driver, and fleet manager. See the latest and greatest (and don’t miss the Ride and Drive, featuring Volvo, Polestar, and Nissan), and experience firsthand what tomorrow’s tech is capable of.


Meet the Fleets and People Powering (and Empowering) Your Life & Business

Fleet sales account for over 25% of annual American automotive sales and 100% of any product delivered to your door. The Global Fleet Conference is your chance to meet the best of the best as part of the annual Global Awards ceremony where we honor the Global Fleet Manager of the Year, Global Fleet Team of the Year, and Global Fleet Hall of Fame Inductees, where some of the best and brightest are recognized for their lifelong contributions (and innovations) to what we think of as the fleet industry (plus, you’ll get a heck of a meal as the Atlantic Ocean breeze wafts through the conference center). Don’t miss your opportunity to stand up, stand out, and see and be seen by some of the best in the industry.

We hope you’ll join us at the 2022 Global Fleet Conference!