Element’s full-service ICE fleet offering has been expanded to support EVs, which...

Element’s full-service ICE fleet offering has been expanded to support EVs, which includes upfront planning, acquisition and financing to the ongoing maintenance, power, and accident management through to end-of-life remarketing.

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Element Fleet Management Corp. announced the launch of Arc by Element, an end-to-end electric vehicle (EV) fleet offering designed to help clients navigate and simplify the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs.

"With the prerequisites for wide-scale EV adoption by commercial vehicle fleets looming on the horizon — the right vehicle types at the right price points, improved access to charging infrastructure — and with organizational ESG mandates increasingly targeting sustainability, we have seen a significant increase in client interest in moving their fleets “from grey to green” through EV adoption,” said Jay Forbes, president/CEO of Element. “Arc by Element has been designed to simplify our clients’ transition through fleet electrification and, in doing so, de-risk the advancement of a critical component of their ESG principles and business strategy."

Arc by Element adds a new EV solution to Element’s existing, market-leading fleet management services.

Element said it will work with clients to:

  • Design and support data-driven EV pilot programs and build roadmaps to full EV deployment that are tightly integrated with their organizational ESG mandates,
  • Maximize public and private incentives to lower costs,
  • Connect clients to Element’s extensive network of EV-specialized providers,
  • Plan EV infrastructure and charging solutions across mixed charging scenarios (home, public, depot/workplace),
  • Support driver reimbursement for home charging, and
  • Work with fleets on driver training, change management and stakeholder engagement.

"We recognize that the electrification of transportation is critical in the journey to a net-zero future and are proud to partner with Element as we begin transitioning our North American fleet to electric vehicles,” said Ashley Horvat, VP of eMobility North America, Schneider Electric. “By embracing electric vehicles for our Sales and Service Teams, we can maintain our commitments to our customers, while furthering our sustainability goals."

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