San Korkees, EVSE, (left) and Darren Bowler, AutoNexus

San Korkees, EVSE, (left) and Darren Bowler, AutoNexus

Credit: EVSE

In a move to help promote wide adoption of electric vehicles, AutoNexus facilities throughout Australia now offer advanced, multiple-car charging stations, supplied by EVSE Australia.

The 30-plus EV charging stations will help overcome one of the biggest challenges to mass EV use in Australia: vehicle logistics and the ability to charge multiple cars at scale, according to AutoNexus, an automotive fulfillment solutions provider.

Each AutoNexus facility can charge multiple EVs using high-powered 22kW systems, which can be expanded as OEMs develop their vehicle offerings


The charging station network marks a significant upgrade in the AutoNexus facilities’ infrastructure and expedites “the company’s commitment to be the industry leader in electric vehicle (EV) fulfilment,” according to Darren Bowler, AutoNexus managing director.

EVSE coordinated the nationwide installation in under three weeks, said Sam Korkees, national sales manager for EVSE, a leading supplier of EV charging solutions for the residential, fleet and commercial markets.


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