Electrification was the talk of the town in 2021, topping the web this year when looking at which content was the most-read from the past 12 months. From setting up EV infrastructure to range and TCO concerns, from updates on specific vehicles and OEMs, it's clear we're all thinking about how to plan our electrification strategy. But which posts did you keep coming back to? We rounded up the top articles, videos, and news, from the year. 

Here is what Fleet Forward readers read more than anything else in 2021!

10 Most-Read Articles of 2021

  1. Electric Models: Depreciation Still Drags Down Ownership Costs
  2. Understanding Effects of Payload and Towing on Commercial EV Range
  3. TCO Deep Dive: Do Teslas Pencil Out as Police Cruisers?
  4. 22 Questions to Answer Before Installing EV Charging Depots
  5. Video: Inside the Lordstown Endurance Alpha Truck
  6. Heavy Payloads and Commercial EV Range — a Real-World Test
  7. Assessing the Ford F-150 Hybrid for Fleets
  8. How GM’s New BrightDrop EV Business Will Work with Fleets
  9. A Blueprint to Predictive Maintenance for Fleets
  10. The New World of Electric Pickups

Top 3 Viewed Videos of 2021

  1. BrightDrop Talks Specs, Range, and Timelines for Fleets
  2. The Different Paths to Fleet Electrification
  3. Electric Pickups: Timelines, Use Cases, Performance

Top 10 News of 2021

  1. Ford Updates E-Transit Targeted Ranges, Releases Detailed Pricing
  2. GM Confirms Electric Chevrolet Silverado
  3. A Hybrid Future: 2022 Ford Maverick
  4. GREEN Act Creates Credit for Heavy-Duty EVs, Extends EV Tax Credits
  5. Lordstown Motors Gains GSA Listing
  6. Ford Acquires Electriphi To Provide Charging, Energy Management
  7. NHTSA Seeks Accountability, Transparency on ADAS-Related Crashes
  8. Atlis Motors Claims Industry First Battery Production
  9. Ridecell Launches Platform to Convert Vehicle Data into Automated Operations
  10. GM Announces Ultium Charge 360 Fleet Charging Service

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