The latest addition to Europcar’s flexible fleet products is DuoFlex which offers fleets the...

The latest addition to Europcar’s flexible fleet products is DuoFlex which offers fleets the opportunity to rent and additional vehicle each month.

Credit: Europcar Mobility Group UK

Europcar in the UK has launched an intriguingly flexible vehicle subscription service.

Called DuoFlex, the subscription is based on a minimum 28 day rental but also adds a second vehicle for two days, twice a month. According to Europcar it eliminates the additional costs when the usual company vehicle doesn’t fulfill the normal business requirements.

Europcar UK says that there are a wide range of vehicles available on the scheme - cars and vans, as well as electric vehicles - which is designed to provide business fleets with ultimate flexibility.

Ron Santiago, managing director, Europcar Mobility Group UK, said:

“DuoFlex has been developed to take the crystal ball gazing out of fleet planning, providing companies with the flexibility to tackle fluctuating business mobility needs without financial penalty.

“But there’s another important issue that we’re tackling with DuoFlex. For the majority of the time, one type of company vehicle will do the job. But once or twice a month something bigger – or smaller is actually what’s needed. DuoFlex includes the option to add another vehicle to the subscription making it a perfect fit for field-based sales staff who normally just need to get from A to B in a compact vehicle that is fuel efficient. However, once or twice a month they have to take equipment to an exhibition or a customer presentation. Then something larger – perhaps a van – makes sense. Plus, with the option to add an additional driver to the subscription, the usual vehicle can be used by another member of the team.”

DuoFlex is the latest product to offer fleets a variety of options to manage fleet acquisition and limit fleet expenditure. There is Europcar Flex, which offers long term rental for a minimum three month period. Meanwhile SuperFlex is a 28 day minimum period commitment featuring fixed monthly payments and no early exit penalties.

“The addition of DuoFlex to our Long Term Solutions means Europcar can provide even more flexible options to support businesses”, added Santiago.

DuoFlex by Europcar has already been rolled out in Ireland and is expected to be available across Europe following the UK launch.