The coalition aims to collaborate on the expansion of rapid-charging infrastructure along U.S....

The coalition aims to collaborate on the expansion of rapid-charging infrastructure along U.S. highways, helping customers minimize range anxiety.

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PPL Corporation has announced its commitment to join the Electric Highway Coalition, a partnership of 17 U.S. utilities established to support the development of a network of rapid electric vehicle charging stations connecting major highway systems.

PPL's utility companies – Louisville Gas and Electric, Kentucky Utilities, and PPL Electric Utilities – will collaborate with other coalition utilities to provide drivers access to efficient, fast electric vehicle charging stations that broaden the network charging infrastructure and create convenient options for long distance EV travel.

Formed in March 2021, Electric Highway Coalition members agree to work together to implement effective fast-charger deployment plans to enable long distance EV travel along highways stretching from the Atlantic Coast through the Midwest and South and into the Gulf and Central Plains regions. The coalition's focus includes optimizing the placement of infrastructure and complementing existing travel corridor fast-charging sites.

In alignment with the Electric Highway Coalition, PPL companies are supporting electric vehicle drivers through programs that improve accessibility to charging infrastructure and connect customers with tools and information to make informed choices.

The company is also taking steps to electrify its fleet vehicles and reduce its overall transportation environmental footprint. PPL companies continue to evaluate opportunities for greater fleet electrification as it seeks to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has adopted a goal to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions across its business operations to net zero by 2050 with interim targets of 70% reduction from 2010 levels by 2035 and an 80% reduction by 2040.

In Kentucky, LG&E and KU have deployed nearly two dozen publicly accessible charging stations and have launched a hosted vehicle-charging program, which provides business customers an affordable option for adding charging stations to their sites. Looking forward, the company also plans to deploy additional fast-charging stations along major Kentucky highway corridors.

In Pennsylvania, PPL Electric Utilities is using data analytics to help plan for the future expansion of EV fast charging and help determine the most advantageous fast-charging locations while supporting the increase in new fast-charging infrastructure interconnections.

Pending the close of PPL's acquisition of The Narragansett Electric Company in Rhode Island, those operations would also be included in PPL's coalition membership.

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