EVgo serves over 300,000 customer accounts including rideshare, autonomous, delivery, university, and other fleet clients. - Photo: EVgo

EVgo serves over 300,000 customer accounts including rideshare, autonomous, delivery, university, and other fleet clients.

Photo: EVgo

EVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO), a fleet electrification mover and owner-operator of the nation’s largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), announced Sept. 23  the expansion of EVgo Fleet Charging Solutions with a new suite of services to support fleets as they electrify their vehicles, according to a news release.

EVgo, which serves over 300,000 customer accounts  including rideshare, autonomous, delivery, university, and other fleet clients, has developed the EVgo Optima software package and the EVgold service guarantee to make the shift to electric seamless for fleets. 

“As EVgo’s fleet customers are experiencing firsthand, electrification is better for both the planet and the bottom line – which is in part why EV sales are booming across the country,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo, in the release. “In addition to electric cars, trucks, and vans, there's a crucial component for electrifying fleets that can’t be overlooked: reliable and convenient charging solutions that are part of the game plan from day one. With our new hardware, software, and service offerings through EVgo Optima and EVgold, we can reach even more fleet operators whether they need L2 or DCFC charging at their depot or away from base."

EVgo Fleet Solutions

EVgo provides a variety of Level 2 and DCFC charging solutions for light, medium, and heavy-duty fleets, designed for unique operations, including the ability to leverage a combination of: 

Depot charging solutions: EVgo offers depot charging solutions with a range of flexible ownership models, from comprehensive turnkey solutions for mission-critical fleet operations to charging-as-a-service (ChaaS) offerings.

Dedicated charger network: With support from its expert real estate team, EVgo works with fleets to build dedicated turnkey sites away from base to enable charging at locations strategically important to their operations.

Public network: Fleets have access to EVgo’s growing public charging network of over 800 fast charging and 1,200+ Level 2 locations, which bring the reliability of more than 98% uptime and deep coverage in urban core areas.

EVgo’s fleet solutions include a set of hardware, software, and operations, networking, and maintenance functions that save on costs and can be optimized for fleet operations. This includes EVgo Optima, a “smart”, cloud-based software platform that ensures vehicles are fueled at the lowest possible cost while adhering to facility and electrical grid constraints. As an experienced industry owner-operator of DCFC and L2 charging solutions in the U.S., EVgo offers fleet customers EVgold, a best-in-class operations and maintenance service offering to maximize uptime, backed by rigorous, co-developed hardware at the EVgo Innovation Lab. That hardware is based on power sharing and power routing architectures to enable simultaneous charging of vehicles efficiently from a single set of charging hardware.

Automakers around the globe have announced more than $300 billion of EV investments, with fleet electrification for rideshare, delivery, municipal, autonomous, and other market segments further accelerating the shift to e-mobility. EVgo’s fleet solutions offerings help fleet operators manage the transition from fossil-fuel reliance to electric fleets at the pace that meets each fleet’s business needs, providing tools that allow them to unlock the economic and environmental benefits of electrification.

Backed by over a decade of building and operating the nation’s largest public fast charging network, EVgo is a valued partner to Uber, Lyft, Samsara, Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) and two leading autonomous vehicle (AV) companies, in addition to providing charging solutions to fleets across delivery, rental, freight and logistics segments. In July 2021, General Motors Company (GM) named EVgo a preferred provider for its Ultium Charge 360 fleet service.

“Fleet electrification is top of mind for a number of our transportation customers, but the process of adopting EVs can present unique operational challenges,” said Christopher Mozzocchi, director of platform integrations at Samsara. “EVgo can help customers navigate this transition and meet their sustainability goals. The combination of EVgo’s integrated, networked charging solutions and Samsara’s connected operations cloud helps users optimize their electrification strategy reliably and cost-effectively.”

EVgo's charging network is also the first powered by 100% renewable electricity. Information on EVgo Fleet Solutions.

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