The expanded partnership between the two companies will offer EV charging for mixed fleets that...

The expanded partnership between the two companies will offer EV charging for mixed fleets that also include internal combustion engine vehicles for both depot and at-home charging.

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WEX and ChargePoint are expanding their relationship to provide further integration of EV charging for mixed fleets that include internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE). This expanded global partnership is expected to not only provide customers ready access to the largest public EV charging network for on-route charging needs, but also enable ‘depot’ and ‘at-home’ charging along with the means to facilitate employee reimbursement, a Sept. 22 news release said.

“By expanding WEX’s relationship with ChargePoint, we expect to position both companies to serve our customers’ full range of needs over the long-term, as more businesses evolve their fleets in efforts to address climate change,” said Scott Phillips, president of global fleet at WEX. “As a leader in the commercial fleet industry for nearly four decades, our customers across the globe rely on us to provide financial controls, powerful reporting, data solutions, and secure payments that keep their drivers on the road and on the job, while managing costs. WEX believes that partnering with ChargePoint will enable WEX to fully support any mix of EV and ICE vehicles that our customers operate.”

WEX and ChargePoint will offer an end-to-end solution to help mixed fleets incorporate on-route, depot, and at-home charging solutions — including streamlined program enrollment, centralized reporting and billing, and real-time data on energy used — to support driver reimbursement for commercial electric charging and installation services. The companies expect to offer at-work and fleet depot charging solutions for customers looking to install on-site charging stations at workplace facilities and integrate them into their fleet operations as well as private site charging solutions.

The relationship will also allow for employee reimbursement to meet the full needs of reporting...

The relationship will also allow for employee reimbursement to meet the full needs of reporting and cost management for fleets. 

Photo courtesy of ChargePoint

“Our expanded partnership with WEX is a major step in helping fleets prepare for the future of electric mobility with convenient and cost-effective expense management and wide payment acceptance. Today, WEX and ChargePoint have an EV payment system in the market that enables WEX’s fleet customers to pay for electric charging sessions at thousands of locations on the ChargePoint network on demand,” said Rich Mohr, global vice president of fleet at ChargePoint. “The enhanced end-to-end e-mobility solutions from on-route, depot and at-home easily support drivers when they need a charge in North America and Europe.”

In addition, this will allow drivers to locate and activate EV charging stations and authorize payments while providing fleet managers with consolidated billing and reporting and greater visibility into internal combustion engine and electric vehicle usage. Integrating this data is critical for mixed fleet customers as they continue to look for opportunities to further reduce their carbon footprints and to simplify their complex reporting needs.

“As partners, WEX and ChargePoint plan to offer fleet managers the opportunity to integrate as many electric vehicles into their fleets as they desire, without any loss of visibility, financial controls or fueling flexibility,” Phillips added. “By doing so, we will help our customers evolve their fleets as new forms of transportation are available and operating cost, environmental impact, and other considerations affect their business imperatives.”

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