Fleet managers and drivers alike will find much to love in Volvo’s thoroughly upgraded XC60 for model year 2022.

In the mid-size SUV’s new model, a bevy of onboard technology will help fleets save fuel while keeping their drivers safe and comfortable.

Fleets looking to boost efficiency and connectivity will revel in the XC60’s new electrification options and next-generation infotainment. At the same time, enhanced design and personalization features are sure to delight drivers.

Here are five ways that Volvo made the XC60 even smarter.


1. Intuitive Infotainment

For the MY 2022 XC60, Volvo integrated a new top-of-the-line Android-based infotainment system with Google built in. Google Automotive Services are included in a four-year subscription to the Digital Services Package.

The new tech boasts a host of intuitive features to help drivers stay connected while navigating safely. That includes Google Play and Google Maps, the latter of which can be shown in the driver’s digital display behind the steering wheel.

The true magic of Volvo’s new infotainment package for the XC60 is how it all becomes personal. For that, thank Google’s personal profile settings, which give drivers the same experience they are used to on their phones, but adapted for hands-free interaction while driving.

“With Google Assistant, drivers can use their voice to get things done while keeping their focus on the road,” says Erik Asplund of Volvo’s Commercial Sales. “Drivers can do things like control the temperature, set a destination, play music and podcasts, and send messages, all while keeping their hands on the wheel.”

Also, the Android-based system includes Google Assistant with Natural Voice Recognition. Need the answer to a pressing question, or looking for a good coffee shop? Just use the now-familiar prompt “Hey Google,” and ask away.


2. Next-Level Safety Tech

Other tech tools in the MY 2022 XC60 can contribute to safety on the road. Fleets managers will appreciate smart features like Oncoming Lane Mitigation, which helps drivers avoid crashes with oncoming vehicles by using automatic emergency steering.

Cross Traffic Alert -

Cross Traffic Alert

Volvo’s Cross Traffic Alert detects vehicles crossing behind (when in reverse) and activates automatic braking to prevent a collision. This is especially beneficial while backing out of a parking space.

Also on the safety tech front, Pilot Assist helps XC60 drivers stay in their lane and maintain a consistent distance from the vehicle ahead.

Other smart safety features offered in the XC60 include 360-view cameras and sensors, the Blind Spot Safety System, and Run Off Road Mitigation.


3. Fuel Efficiency Boost


As fleets look to cut fuel consumption and costs, Volvo is offering new mild hybrid technology for the XC60.

The mild hybrid model recovers braking energy to charge a 48V battery. In turn, the battery powers an integrated starter generator (ISG), which gives the combustion engine a boost for stronger, smoother, and more efficient acceleration. To put a number on it, the ISG imparts an extra 13 horsepower to the B5 engine’s inherent 247 horsepower, or the B6’s 295 horsepower.

For the gear shifter on the mild hybrid XC60, Volvo integrates the shift-by-wire technology seen on its Recharge line of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

“Instead of having a mechanical connection between the shifter and the gearbox, software and electronics are used as means to communicate moving the car in and out of gear and park,” explains Anders Robertson of Volvo’s Product Department. “It frees up packaging in the car, provides a more modern interface, and allows for further futureproofing of new technologies.”

For an additional boost in efficiency and sustainability, the XC60 is also available as a plug-in hybrid that can travel up to 19 miles per charge in pure electric mode. In other words, a daily commute can become an emissions-free excursion.


4. Remote Access with App


The Volvo Cars app, included in the four-year subscription to Digital Services Package, empowers drivers to access the XC60 remotely in various ways. That includes locking and unlocking the vehicle and starting the car from the app. For example, on a cold morning, the driver can pull out their phone to preheat the XC60 before climbing on board. The same goes for precooling on a hot day.

Fleets will also appreciate the maintenance-related resources in the Volvo Cars app, including manuals, chatting with a Customer Care agent, and the ability to schedule service appointments.

With the Volvo Cars app and the XC60, smart phone meets smart vehicle.


5. Smarter Design

Don’t forget that smart can also be defined as “stylish or elegant in appearance.”

In that respect, the new Volvo XC60 has smarts in spades. For starters, scope out the updated front and rear fascia. The front boasts sleek lines and a new grill design, while the rear tucks away the tailpipes for a cleaner look.

Also on the exterior, the XC60 offers new wheel designs and three new exterior paint colors: Silver Dawn, Thunder Grey, and Platinum Grey.

For fleets looking for next-level technology, safety, fuel efficiency, and style, Volvo has your vehicle. In every sense of the word, the new XC60 is a truly smart car.