Get off on the right foot at this seminar, where three experts will share insights into driver...

Get off on the right foot at this seminar, where three experts will share insights into driver safety when it comes to EVs.

As a professional fleet operator, you have ample experience with fleet safety programs. But when you begin fleeting electric vehicles, will you be ready to develop and implement a comprehensive safety game plan?

EVs are unique and this new technology on wheels requires a different form of education as well as the need to quell misinformation.

Plan to attend a seminar that will put you and your drivers on the road to success. “Educating Drivers on Electric Vehicle Safety” will take place at Fleet Safety Experience on Sept. 22 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. EST.

Three subject matter experts will share their knowledge — providing you with practical insights that will guide you later when you roll out a future EV safety program.

Katie Keeton, fleet manager for Siemens and past president of the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association, will offer advice on shaping a safety program specifically for an EV fleet as well as dispel multiple myths regarding EV safety.

Sara Sweeney, senior product manager for Wheels, will offer valuable insights on driving behavior and better position you to improve the safety of your EV fleet. She will also explore how the effective use of analytics can support your EV safety program.

Tony Vinciguerra, chief operating officer for Driving Dynamics, will discuss what he knows best — advanced performance driver safety training. He’ll share tips on EVs’ unique driving dynamics around acceleration and braking, and offer insights into EV battery functionality.

In addition, the trio of speakers will provide protocols to employ following an accident with an EV as well as share safety aspects on charging at the depot and at home. 

“There is too much misinformation out there about EVs and safety. While EVs aren’t safer — or less safe — than ICE vehicles, they are a different breed. That means safety education needs to be delivered with a fresh perspective addressing issues that are specific to the technology and features of these innovative vehicles," said Chris Brown, conference chair. "This seminar is the ideal opportunity for fleet operators who want to walk away armed with best practices for shaping an EV safety culture.”

"Educating Drivers on Electric Vehicle Safety” will take place on Sept. 22 at 3:30 p.m. EST. The 2021 Fleet Safety Experience convenes virtually Sept. 21-23. 

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