Moving a vehicle, whether from an OEM, or directly from an upfitter to avoid a lengthy, unpredictable ship-thru process, or simply to reposition it, is an involved and complex process for a fleet manager to handle. However, that management burden can be immediately and simply shifted to an expert-- a provider of specialized vehicle transport and relocation services.

The best providers are devoted to customer service, which includes delivering peace of mind by managing the risk of moving valuable assets, whether locally or across the country. Leading vehicle transport/relocation firms accomplish each move by drawing on the extensive experience they’ve gained over years of operation.

These companies also stay on top of technology, offering everything from quick and easy electronic quoting to dispatching/routing and real-time communications that make every move transparent to customers.

Last but certainly not least, leading vehicle transporters employ highly skilled and trained professional drivers licensed and to operate every type of over-the-road vehicle. The most effective providers can boast a nationwide network of qualified drivers who can transport any type of vehicle wherever and, most importantly, when it is needed. These professionals should go through a robust onboarding process, receive regular safety training, and continuous monitoring of their performance and safety.

Staying in touch

When transparent, clear communications are delivered about any move in near-real time, the customer can rest assured that the vehicle, whether it’s moving to a location one town over or is being delivered three states away, is being handled in a professional and safe manner.

The tailored package of services that are rolled together for an Auto Driveaway move starts with clear communication with the customer to assess their needs and stay within their time frames. Once a move is arranged, the Auto Driveway team will match the job with one of the professional drivers in the company’s nationwide network. Then the most efficient and cost-effective route will be laid out for the move. In some cases, a job can be dispatched the very same day.

Throughout the process, the Auto Driveaway dispatch team remains in constant contact with the driver, tracking the vehicle’s progress to its final destination. The dispatch team also handles all post-delivery administrative tasks.

Ultimately, it is the qualified professional behind the wheel who completes the move with stellar service from start to finish. They deliver the vehicle the way the fleet wants it dropped off — to the driver or to a central business headquarters, during regular business hours or off hours, fully tanked up or with just enough fuel to get the driver to a gas station. But no matter the specific requests, the vehicle arrives clean, undamaged, and ready to drive.

Behind the wheel

No wonder Auto Driveaway sees its drivers as the key to a successful vehicle move, which is why it views providing a driver as much more than putting someone behind the wheel.

Auto Driveaway lists these as the key elements of a professional vehicle transport driver:

  • Qualified for the job. Having a large pool of drivers to pull from is one thing, having a network of drivers who are qualified to drive any type of vehicle is another. The provider’s drivers must have the credentials required to move any type of vehicle from a light-duty Class 1 to a heavy-duty Class 8 from point to point. A highly qualified driver can be dispatched quickly, limiting the move time, and, more importantly, helping to maximize the vehicle’s productive life.
  • Ongoing training and vetting. A professional driver, particularly one charged with delivering vehicles for a customer, must adhere to the highest standards, including driving safely. The best vehicle transport companies will require ongoing training and monitor the license status of their drivers.
  • Engaged communicators. Transparency is the hallmark of a well-managed vehicle transportation provider. Knowing where the vehicle is, when it will arrive, and if there have been any challenges along the way is a big part of the peace-of-mind equation clients seek. Professional drivers know this and therefore keep dispatchers in the loop on all the factors related to the move.
  • Properly equipped. Professional drivers are equipped with all of the tools and technology to keep the lines of communication open and facilitate a safe and efficient move.

Professional vehicle transport is all in a day’s work for Auto Driveaway. With experience that stretches back nearly seven decades and a commitment to technology and hiring professional drivers, Auto Driveaway has what it takes to move your vehicles efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely.

For more information, visit www.autodriveaway.com.