Phoenix Motorcars Launches EV Charging Solutions for U.S. Market

Courtesy Phoenix Motorcars

SPI Energy Ltd.’s wholly-owned Phoenix Motorcars subsidiary launched a full range of EV charging products for the U.S. market.

The powerful, compact, all-in-one EV charging solutions come in a variety of configurations to serve both residential and commercial customer needs, with 24/7 network support, two-year warranties, and extended warranty options.

Phoenix Motorcars' new EV charge line-up includes:

  • P-Home-Charger Wall Mount AC Charger (30amp)
  • P-A230-240-01/02 Pedestal Single and Dual AC Chargers (30amp)
  • P-B230-240-01/02 Wall Mount Single and Dual AC Chargers (30 amp)
  • P-B530-480-01 Medium Voltage DC Charger (30KW)
  • P-A360-480-03 Standard Power DC Charger (60KW)
  • P-A3120-480-03 High-Power DC Charger (120KW)
  • P-A5150-480-01/03 High-Power DC Chargers (150KW)
  • P-A5180-480-03/01 High-Power DC Chargers (180KW)

"The EV industry is scrambling to build out enough chargers to handle the expected wave of EV adoption," said Joe Mitchell, Phoenix Motorcars CEO. "We are thrilled to introduce our own proprietary line of EV charging solutions that fulfill customer needs from residential applications to high-volume commercial installations."

Originally posted on Metro Magazine