AF Readers Sound Off on Vehicle Abuse

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Vehicle abuse is an avoidable fleet cost. This abuse is wide-ranging, running the gamut from damage caused from fluid levels being low, missing PM intervals, driving on underinflated tires to extreme situations of jumping curbs or carelessly scraping the sides of parking structures. The overt and hidden aggregate cost of abuse and neglect across an entire fleet is significant.

 Below is advice that Automotive Fleet readers share on the cost of vehcile abuse and how to thwart it.

How to Spot Vehicle Abusers

I read the Market Trends blog entitled “The Overt (and Hidden) Cost of Vehicle Abuse” and would like to offer an interview tip on spotting vehicle abusers in advance! Walk a new candidate to their car and see what their car looks like.  Four McD bags in the back seat? This is a good predictor of the condition of their next company vehicle.

Mark Blonski, Operations Leader for Rollins, Inc.

Driver Abuse of Vehicles

I agree with the Market Trends blog entitled “The Overt (and Hidden) Cost of Vehicle Abuse.” Every day I'm amazed at how rough some drivers are on vehicles. A good fleet policy is a low-cost investment that, if implemented effectively, can go a long way on improving your resale values.

Holly Hill, CAFS, Director of Business Development for FLD, Inc.

Signs of Vehicle Abuse

The Market Trends blog entitled, “The Overt (and Hidden) Cost of Vehicle Abuse”  was a good article.  As a fleet manager, it is hard to see this type of abuse, but you can see the signs. When one driver can make a set of tires last for 50K miles versus a driver who has to have tires every 20K-30K miles on the same exact vehicle. The same with brakes. You need to do your best to make managers aware when you see these situations and signs of abuse. Abuse really comes to light when a vehicle has been in an accident. The pictures of the interiors are always telling of who is taking care their vehicle and who is not. Like mom always used to say, “make sure everything is clean in case you’re in an accident, even your undergarments!”

Alex May, Fleet Consultant

Huge Cost of Vehicle Abuse

 The Market Trends blog about vehicle abuse is a great read for fleet drivers. Having sold many off-lease fleet vehicles over the years there can be as much as a 40% higher cost per mile from poorly maintained vehicles by drivers. Also, there can be as much as a 25%  difference in vehicle wholesale value at sale time. Vehicle abuse comes at a huge cost to fleet owners.

Rick Sauter, VP Operations for Allstate Leasing

Increase Resale Speed

The Market Trends blog entitled, “The Overt (and Hidden) Cost of Vehicle Abuse,” was a great article. A remarketer told me that resale speed is also highly affected by how well the vehicle is taken care of. So, taking good care of your stuff gets you more money faster –.seems like a good idea to me!

Sheldon Zitzmann, Sales & Marketing Director for TigerTough

An Avoidable Fleet Cost

Super article by Mike Antich on “The Overt (and Hidden) Cost of Vehicle Abuse” in the April 2021 issue. The opening line to the article says it very well - vehicle abuse IS an avoidable fleet cost. Fleet culture can help with this with a present fleet management, which is empowered and supported at the highest levels, modern fleet policies, and engaging your fleet regularly through education and expectation setting.

Hamid Dean, National Fleet Manager / Ethics & Compliance Leader for 3M Canada




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