A new driver coaching solution from eDriving was released for the company’s mobile app that is aimed to help managers effectively coach their most at-risk drivers and support the creation of a crash-free culture.

The company recently announced the availability of its Manager Coaching Toolkit within the Mentor smartphone app, according to the company. The Manager Coaching Toolkit operates within a highly secure, privacy-first environment, in which the only driver data shared with the manager is the data relevant to risk management; that is the FICO Safe Driving Score and driver events (harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, phone distraction and speeding). No location data or individual trip data is visible.

eDriving’s new smartphone-based Manager Coaching Toolkit includes the following easy-to-use coaching templates:

OneToOne: Designed to be conducted annually and suitable for all drivers or those identified as high-risk, a OneToOne session is designed to set expectations, promote accountability, and reinforce the employer’s safety objectives, as well as the manager’s desire to keep their drivers safe at all times.

Post-Collision Coaching: Designed for drivers involved in a crash, Post-Collision Coaching is designed to be used within 14 days of a reported event. This questionnaire helps managers lead a discussion with their driver to review what happened, why it happened, and most importantly, what the driver could do differently to make sure it never happens again. Managers can also use this process to recommend eLearning or other training to further reduce risk.

DriverINDEX Coach: Designed to help the manager and their high-risk drivers take a holistic approach using all of the driver on-road performance data available, privacy rules permitting, to guide the discussion. Using a 5-question, 15-minute format focusing on specific “at-risk” behaviors that need changing, DriverINDEX Coach sessions recur until the high-risk level has been reduced.

The Mentor smartphone app collects and analyzes driver behaviors most predictive of crash risk and helps remediate risky behavior by providing engaging, interactive micro-training modules delivered directly to the driver in the smartphone app.

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