The new Duke Energy subsidiary will work with electric-truck makers and utilities to help...

The new Duke Energy subsidiary will work with electric-truck makers and utilities to help companies and governments electrify their fleets.

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Duke Energy announced a new business unit which will help large businesses and municipalities with all the planning, financing, acquisition and deployment services to electrify their fleets. The company, eTransEnergy, will provide unregulated services to assist governments and companies across the country transition to clean energy transportation options.

Commercial fleets looking for reduced emissions, less noise, better performance and lower operating costs now have one comprehensive source for transitioning their fleets to EVs from start to finish, Duke Energy officials said in a press release.

“Electrifying vehicles represents an incredible opportunity for our customers and communities to reduce carbon emissions,” said Doug Esamann, executive vice president of energy solutions for Duke Energy. “Through eTransEnergy, we’re offering a low-risk, realistic solution for customers to transform their fleets.”

ETransEnergy professionals offer many years of combined experience working with commercial electric fleets, managing total cost of ownership and maintaining the supporting infrastructure, company officials said in a statement. Customers will benefit from this knowledge through comprehensive infrastructure planning, smart charging technology, on-site solar energy generation, battery backup options and other aspects of EV fleet management, officials said.

ETransEnergy will work with commercial electric original equipment manufacturers to provide customers with access to the vehicle that best meets their needs. With eTransEnergy services available across North America, Duke Energy will work with local utilities to support updates to the energy grid and other infrastructure as needed.

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